A new journey begins


Our artwork is already packed. A safe wooden box is ready for shipping. How exciting! Finally, it’s the moment and a new chapter begins for our Artwork Around The World Project. From the carpentry workshop, our artwork now travels to Jim Shipley, who will take care of presenting our great project to a wider audience. In our magazine, we keep you up to date on the dates and exhibitions.

It’s a great pleasure to know that Jim is taking over this task for us in the US. For that is how the work of art obtains the honor it deserves. It’s not just any project, not just a venture. It is a global, cross-continent project that brought together artists from different countries and cultures and created one work of art together. In almost 3 years with the contributions of 28 artists, our artwork is now traveling and we are all there. Excited and expectant. Stay tuned.



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