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We of b2zone know that everyone is waiting impatiently for the final release and publishing of photos of the complete artwork. Due to many important facts, this will still take some time though. Meanwhile, we want to share some hard facts with you, as well as a description of how we will organize the next steps. The truly amazing hard facts are:

The leather piece of 42”x 18.5”was decorated with the leather artwork of 28 different leather artists around the globe. The box with the leather piece traveled abroad for 2 years and 11 months, to reach chosen participants in five continents, Europe, The United States, Africa, Oceania and Asia. On this long journey around the globe, the box with the leather piece covered a distance of about 84.000 air kilometers!

Before the final publishing of the complete artwork, many things have to be organized. All the participating artists have invested precious time at no charge, for contributing their motif. Right from the beginning, it was planned that b2zone would buy the finished artwork from the participants at the price of USD 1.000. This amount would then be donated to a non-profit welfare organization. As we wanted to involve the artists in this process, this subject needs to be conceptualized and planned by us up-front.

Tim Pinkos recently came up with the neat idea to have prints made of the finished artwork and quite a few people stated their interest in buying a print. That’s another subject matter. Since the measurements of the leather piece are out of the ordinary, we have to find a printing house that is able to produce prints this size. We will bring it onto a white background so each buyer could then choose the frame color individually. All participants and other interested people who would want to buy a print, shall please comment in the comment section under the post in the b2zone artwork collection group. If you know other people who would be interested in buying a print of the artwork around the world leather collage, please let us know, so we could get an idea of the approximate amount of prints that had to be produced. Our plan is to sell and ship the prints at cost, b2zone will not keep any money of it.


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Another subject we have to face up to in the whole organization process, is the protective conservation of the leather piece and an appropriate protective packaging for shipping the piece to its final destination. It was planned from the beginning to exhibit the artwork in a leather museum in the United States. As to that, first contacts were made and conversations were held. This subject is also pretty elaborate, contracts need be made and all that needs orderly preparations. So we plead for your understanding that organizing that all takes its time, we will always inform you about the next actual steps we are making in a timely manner. Currently, the photo-shooting is on our agenda, we have already selected a professional photography studio. Next steps will be finding and selecting the printing house and choosing the paper for the prints. Stay tuned and excited for our next update-posting! Roland & Gina

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