The b2zone artwork around the world Era Shevtsova

03 Era Shevtsova


Era wrote: When I heard about the project I thought what a great idea and what a piece of history it will be! When I was invited to participate I would not believe how lucky I am to be a part of it! I am so honored to have a chance to leave my mark on this leather canvas among those big guys, I can not even explain the whole bouquet of feelings I experienced. I am very grateful for this opportunity! I had a lot of time to think what I want to do as my part and decided to choose the subject which fascinates me the most. Victorian style designs have always been my favorite.


02 Era Shevtsova


I love baroque ornamentation, I love scrolls and floral motifs. The biggest inspiration for me are wood/stone carvings and metal engravings. There is a lot to learn from those masters and it never ceases to amaze me how intricate and pleasant to the eye those designs can be. I try to recreate something similar in leather but I still have a lot to practice and learn. I am nowhere near the perfection I would love to achieve but I work hard to be on my way there. With all this in mind I decided to go for victorian/baroque style and tried to represent it in leather as best as I could at this point. I hope my work is good enough to take such an honored place. Thank you!


01 Era Shevtsova

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The b2zone artwork around the world Aiman Sagatova

bacaroundtheworld era shevtsova


 The artwork has been handed over by Aiman Sagatova to Era Shevtsova who lives in Great Britain



03 Aiman Sagatova


Aiman wrote: I have been working with leather for over four years now, but for the first time I’m participating in this kind of art project. I work in different styles and I try myself in something new constantly, but motifs of my mother land, Kazakhstan, had always remained an integral part of my work.


02 Aiman Sagatova


It took me a while to figure out what I want to put into my design, and decided to combine the image of batyr (warrior) on the horse with traditional ornament. When I received the parcel from Akiko, I was opening it with a fluttering of my heart. It was so fascinating to see the splendor of leather work from other artists. I am really proud that my work has now taken its place on this leather canvas.


01 Aiman Sagatova

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The b2zone artwork around the world Akiko Okada

bacaroundtheworld aiman sagatova


 The artwork is travelling to Aiman Sagatova who lives in Great Britain



02 Akiko Okada


Akiko wrote: I had a chance to visit Sheridan for the first time in 1997. I met Don King, Jim Jackson and other master carvers there, and I saw a lot of beautiful flowing art work of each person. I could see everybody’s patterns were different from others. They are all Sheridan style carving. I was very moved. This is the very style I’ve been looking for. I visited Sheridan every year since 1997. And I learned Sheridan style pattern and history from Don King, Jim Jackson, Don Butler, Clint Fay, Chester Hape. This is the reason that I carved Akiko’s Sheridan style carving on the artwork around the world leather piece.


01 Akiko Okada

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The b2zone artwork around the world Howard Lee

bacaroundtheworld akiko okada


 The artwork is travelling to Akiko Okada who lives in Japan





These flowering gums I chose to tool as my contribution to the artwork around the world project are probably the most significant ones in Australia. All gums (eucalyptus) actually flower, however these are more spectacular. They only really grow well in Western Australia so they are very symbolic of the state I live in. I see them in the early morning grey predawn when walking the dogs around the lake.





It’s very quiet in the bush just before first light, you see the flashes of red colour emerging from the gloom as the mist over the lake dispels in the first rays of the sun. A gently buzzing reminds you not to get too close since they are heavy with pollen and attract bees in droves. It will be hot later, this is a beautiful time of day to enjoy one of our native treasures, plus they are one of the few nature things in Australia that aren’t out to kill you.



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The b2zone artwork around the world Silvia Guerrera

bacaroundtheworld howard lee


 The artwork is travelling to Howard Lee who lives in Australia



 03 Silvia Guerrera


Silvia wrote: After deliberating over what to add to this masterpeice and do it justice, i decided on the Day of the Dead musician, for my love of live music and music in general really. I had recently tooled this guy on a guitar strap for a brilliant musician and friend of mine. I am also a fan of antique and always will be, so I wanted to capture its essence and how it brings art to life.


02 Silvia Guerrera


It’s been an honour to be asked to contribute to this wonderful project and i take my hat off to Gina Adam and the B2zone team for making it happen. What drive, determination and passion these people have to undertake such an awesome project. As a matter of fact, i took the photo of Clay Banyai handing the package to Kathy Flanagan in Colorado Springs whilst i was in the States so around the world we go!


01 Silvia Guerrera


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The b2zone artwork around the world Ann Maree Ager

bacaroundtheworld silvia guerrera


 The artwork has been handed over by Ann Maree Ager to Silvia Guerrera who lives in Australia



03. Ann Maree Ager


I has been a long journey for our artwork around the world project to finally reach Australia. We are very happy that Ann-Maree, as the first of three participants in Australia, has managed to enhance the project with such a wonderful motif in almost no time. Ann-Maree was just recently successfully involved in Australians famous Royal Easter Show where she exhibited some of her unique and beautiful leather artwork. She succeeded as the most successful exhibitor in leatherwork for the second year in a row and received great attention for her craft in many local newspapers.


02. Ann Maree Ager


Ann-Maree wrote: For the artwork around the world project I wanted to include something Australian and so I choose this little possum. I went for a watercolour look as it was a bit different to the other styles and allowed me to include looks of bright colours which is typical for my leather work. I used a circular shape to try to balance the composition of the whole piece, but everyone will have to wait till it’s finished to see what I mean.


01. Ann Maree Ager

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artwork around the world arrived australia

Artwork around the world project has come out of hiding


After 89 days, which is four months in summary, the express shuttle service boat has finally reached its destination in Australia! We feared the worst, that this wonderful project got lost in the wide spaces of the Indian Ocean. Our artwork around the world project was sailing under a lucky star and we’re all cheered that it has come out of hiding finally! Now it can travel on!

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artwork around the world where is the box

Where is the box


When we planned the route for our artwork around the world project we wanted to involve leather artists from as many countries as possible, to make it a real “world project”. When we thought about South Africa we assumed that there could be problems since we knew that South African postal service is not one of the most relieable services. When South African participant Anton de Wit had finished his contribution on the leather piece he shipped the box on December 23rd 2016. Now the box is in transit for almost six weeks and we don’t have any relieable information about it’s status. We have tried to track it numerous times and there’s no chance to get any feedback from SAPO. Countless emails to their customer services have been sent and we never got any reply. The only sparse information we got were through tracking services outside of SAPO. Our South African group members Anet du Toit and Felicity McNamara also tried to help gathering information. When Ann-Maree tracked it lately, the status was still “Insert item into bag out” on January 6th at Johannesburg International Mail Centre.
We are not hoping for the worst case, but since the box was shipped with SAPO as the slowest postal service instead of using a faster and more relieable private postal service, it is entirely possible that it will take a couple more weeks still until the box will have reached it’s destination in Australia. Keep your fingers crossed!

Update: Our artwork around the world project has been spotted. It is supposed to be on a slow ship from South Africa to Australia. We are all really hoping for calm seas and fresh rowers and that the box will arrive safely in Australia soon!”



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The b2zone artwork around the world Anton de Wit

 bacaroundtheworld ann maree ager



 The artwork is travelling to Ann Maree Ager who lives in Australia


02. Anton de Wit


Originally a bow maker, Anton de Wit began working with leather only a couple of years ago. The community knows him for his paintings of wild animals, typical animals of South Africa and for his native-inspired portraits on leather goods like archery equipment, purses and bags.

Anton wrote: I decided on a Native American face as my artwork because I have a kinship with their art and culture. I also wanted to contribute something different to this project and I sincerely hope I have done this.


01. Anton de Wit


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The b2zone artwork around the world Veronica Passos

bacaroundtheworld anton de wit




 The artwork is travelling to Anton de Wit who lives in South Africa


Veronica wrote: It was a great pleasure when I received the invitation to participate in the ‘artwork around the world’ project. Since I was invited, I had started pondering about how I could contribute not only with my art in this piece of leather, but also how I could contribute to the leather carving art in the world.


03.Veronica Passos


So, when the leather finally reached me here in Brazil and I looked at all the motifs from the incredible leather artists, I formed the idea of the motif that I should contribute. As Jesus has long been one of the most influent people in the history until today, my inspiration came from a versicle in the Bible. The Revelation book says: “Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals” Revelation 5:5. So, my motif shows Jesus as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the one who triumphed the worlds afflictions with love and is still alive, as in the Holy Scriptures.


02.Veronica Passos
For the project, first I developed the shape of the lion and then I transported it to a tracing film. The drawing was marked to the leather with a modeling tool. To open the drawing I used my old and beautiful Al Stohlman brand swivel knife with inlayed red stones. For the stamping and shadowing I worked with simple tools, 2 differents sizes of bevelers, a small veiner, small camouflage, small seeder and a small pear shader. After the leather was carved I decided to keep the art in the natural color.


01.Veronica Passos

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The b2zone artwork around the world Freddie Matara

bacaroundtheworld veronica passos



 The artwork is travelling to Veronica Passos who lives in Brasil


Freddie Matara wrote: I was thrilled, being asked to participate in the ‘artwork around the world’ project but wasn’t sure what my contribution would be. When I received the leather and had a look at all the amazing works by various artists, I knew what to do! I created a medallion that is a variation on a design I incorporate into some of my wrist wear.


03. Freddie Matara


I incorporated a leather plug in the center to create more relief and capped it off with a sterling silver Concho I made. The stamp I used was custom made for me, by Barry King. I also used a fudge wheel to create more texture. Something I was encouraged to do by the late Elliott Hampton, during a phone call shortly before he passed. I used a mahogany dye and lastly buckstitched the outer ring!


02. Freddie Matara


Freddie Matara’s contribution to the artwork around the world project is another addition of a stunning piece of art on this unique piece of leather. Freddie is well known for the beautiful wrist wear that he makes and thus has implemented a rather different motif into this global leather art project, to depict his kind of work.


01. Freddie Matara

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The b2zone artwork around the world K Adam Tanner

bacaroundtheworld freddie matara



 The artwork is travelling to Freddie Matara who lives in New York, U.S.


We are very thankful that Kim Eoff wrote up this interesting story about how K. Adam Tanner’s contribution to the artwork around the world project came to life.

Kim Eoff wrote: I recently had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Tucson Saddle maker and Leather Craftsman, K. Adam Tanner. Adam started doing leather projects as many of us do; he received a leather kit for Christmas and loved it. His leather skills improved during his rodeo days when he made gear for himself and friends. Once he started making leather saddles, he decided it was time to open his own shop and hasn’t looked back. Adam continues to make beautiful saddles, chaps, and every sort of leather items for an ever-growing, exclusive clientele.


03. K Adam Tanner


As the typical cowboy, Adam is a man of few words but his work speaks for itself. His work is best described as simple elegance. He is able to accomplish beautiful, flowing designs without his pieces looking crowded and overworked.
When I arrived in his shop, he was putting the finishing touches on a saddle he was reworking for a friend. He had made the saddle years ago but his friend had so abused the saddle, Adam hated his name being associated with something so neglected. His solution was to just fix it. Of course, I’m sure he hoped his friend would at least pay for the materials! I call that pride and brand protection; along with a healthy dose of respect for a working cowboy who really needed quality gear.


02. K Adam Tanner


After we put away the saddle, I asked Adam how his b2zone World Art Project had gone. He said he had been so busy getting last minute things done in preparation for his move from Arizona to Texas that he hadn’t had time to even look at it yet. So, we opened the box to take a look. Adam’s initial response was very similar to how everyone I’m sure must feel, he was eager to check out what the other artists had done with their motifs and appreciate their work. Then, he grabbed a piece of paper, chose a few of his client favorite flowers and started drawing his design. In what seemed like minutes, he traced his design to the leather and started carving in his piece. I was in awe… what – no practice carves? I watched in amazement, as each flowing design came to life under his skilled hands. In no time, Adam’s motif was finished and drying on his bench.


01. K Adam Tanner

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Nine month of travelling

Now it’s half time in our global art project

In November 2015, the admins of the b2zone artwork collection group developed and formed the idea of a global artwork, created by leather artists around the world. What an exciting and unique idea! But it all had to be organized well to be a successful project. Starting with the choice of the right quality of leather. What kind and thickness would be best? Since the leather would travel thousands of kilometers, from artist to artist, through different climate zones around the globe, it had to have a certain quality that allowed it to be rolled up and put in a box a couple of times and still won’t crack or dry out.

What size of motif would be appropriate to turn it into an awesome collage at the end? Gina finally made a choice on the leather piece and ordered it. To be the first one to carve a motif on that maiden leather felt quite like a challenge! I chose a globe to be my motif, as it stands for the internationality of the project and I was quite excited when I started carving and painting it, for no mistakes should be made. Then the right box had to be found, it had to be very stable to outlast a long journey, protecting the leather inside. Finally, the piece with the first motif was boxed up on December 15th and in the mail to the second participant, Tim Pinkos in California. Tim’s motif shows some species of flora and fauna of the state of California, a beautiful choice. And he sent the box to Terry Diveley in Illinois. Terry chose his favorite bird, the hummingbird as his motif and so the leather got enhanced with another beautiful contribution. The box got on its way from Illinois to Kentucky, to Tia Davis, the fourth participant. Tia, as a horse-lover chose a horse picture she had done in colored pencil before to be her motif for the project, gave it some beautiful coloring and sent it off to George Williams in Georgia. The state of Georgia has a beautiful state flower, the Cherokee rose and George chose it to be his motif for the art project.


half time picture artwork around the world

From Georgia, the box travelled to Peter Main in Texas. Peter contributed a beautifully colored motif, a small section of a piece he had done many years ago and sent the box to Britt Nantz in Texas. Britt, known for his detailed miniature carvings, added a beautiful Sheridan floral motif with a cowboy on a horse to the leather and sent the box to Consuelo Glemby in Indiana; U.S. Connie chose the Indiana state bird and state flower as her motif, since both are favorite to her. The box then travelled to Kim Eoff in Arizona. Kim carved a beautiful desert motif and colored it nicely, then sent it off to Skeeter Yasko in Wyoming. Skeeter enriched the project with a beautiful traditional sheridan-style carving and sent the box to Clay Banyai in South Dakota. Clay, well known for his stunning embossed leather pictures, chose to add a beautiful carving of an elk’s head to the project. It happened that he had to teach a class together with Kathy Flanagan in Colorado, so he carried the box with him and handed it over to Kathy personally. 

Now the box with the global art project is in Arizona again, at K Adam Tanner and after he will have added his contribution to it, it will travel to Freddie Matara, New York. This will be the last place in the U.S. for the project. After Freddie has added his contribution to it, the box will travel to the following countries: Brazil (Veronica Passos), South africa (Anton de Wit), Australia (Howard Lee and Ann-Maree Ager), Japan (Akiko Okada), Greece (Michael Dale) and many more leather artists in Europe.

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The b2zone artwork around the world Kathy Flangan

bacaroundtheworld k adam tanner



 The artwork is travelling to K. Adam Tanner who lives in Arizona, U.S.


03. Kathy Flanagan


Kathy wrote: When I found out that Gina thought I lived in South Africa, I decided I had better do something that is positively Colorado.  Wild life is what I enjoy the most living here, so that was the logical subject to go for.  There is nothing better than to take a day trip to the heights of Mount Evans, a fourteener that is not far from my humble mountain home.  


02. Kathy Flanagan


Every time we take a drive to the top of the mountain, we find a number of mountain goats.  The furry white animals are not afraid of people, and hang around nearby, making popular subjects for photography.  


01. Kathy Flanagan


They are also great subjects for leather art.  A mountain goat teetering on the edge of a cliff is an exciting, impressive sight.  The tiny goat that I chose to share with the world is a big part of my mountain life. 

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The b2zone artwork around the world Clay Banyai

bacaroundtheworld kathy flanagan



 The artwork has been handed over by Clay Banyai to Kathy Flangan who lives in Colorado, U.S.


03.Clay Banyai


Clay wrote: Thanks for letting me participate in this project. It’s really interesting to see what everyone has added to the canvas (leather), The different motifs, techniques, etc. It will be a unique piece of art when it’s finished. I have always had a love for nature and wildlife.


02.Clay Banyai



I spent over 30 years of my life running a ranch in the North Dakota badlands that has been in our family for over 100 years. Every day I’d see the beauty in the landscape and the animals that lived there. I now live in South Dakota, another place where the beauty of nature is abundant.


01.Clay Banyai


 I’ve been carving leather for over 40 years now. My main focus these days is trying to portray the animals I see in nature onto leather. I chose the elk as my motif to add to this piece because it’s such a regal animal and lends itself well to the techniques I like to carve into leather.

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The b2zone artwork around the world Skeeter Yasko

bacaroundtheworld clay banyai



 The artwork is travelling to Clay Banyai who lives in South Dakota, U.S.

 03.Skeeter Yasko


Skeeter says: Saturday afternoon I was sitting in my shop making sprinklers to irrigate the grass in the pastures since it has been a little dry here. As my hands were covered in PVC glue I noticed that the USPS van was pulling down the driveway. It was nice to see some relief that I was about to get from the outside heat. I had already finished the motif that I was going to put on the leather so it was just a matter of time that the box arrived.

I immediately took it inside and took a couple pictures of the box with my 160lb English Mastif since she couldn’t take any pictures of me with it. After the photo session I took the box to the leather room and opened it up and had to stare at it for a while just in awe of all the great work on there and wondered how I was chosen to be able to add to it. I had never seen a Britt Nantz or Peter Main piece up close and was really close to cutting them out to keep as inspiration HAHA.


02.Skeeter Yasko


I go by my nickname Skeeter and have my whole life. I grew up riding horses and worked the family horse auction most of my life as well as trained horses for movies, circuses, rodeos and other such things. I spent most of my life in the middle of a rodeo arena as a chute boss. I moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming for school where I got a degree in Elementary Teaching but opted out of that and went to work in the oilfield industry. I didn’t start leatherwork until I was an adult.

 01.Skeeter Yasko


I started carving Sheridan style tooling less than 3 years ago and have been being mentored by Chan Geer as often as I can. He has taken my skill from knowing very little to teaching others as much as I can. I was self taught for almost 2 years until I met Chan in Sheridan, Wyoming and he took me under his wing. I want to keep the art of leather alive and what he has taught me going since it is hard to find people that are willing to just step up.

It was an honor to be selected to participate in this endeavor and hope we can do this again.

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The b2zone artwork around the world Kim Eoff

bacaroundtheworld Skeeter Yasko



 The artwork is travelling to Skeeter Yasko who lives in Wyoming, U.S.

 03.Kim Eoff

Kim says: The infamous box arrives! Oh my gosh….. I haven’t even been able to carve for the last 4 weeks!! Then I opened the box. All I could say was “Amazing!” Each of the previous artists had done such cleaver beautiful motifs. I am in awe. I am so happy to be included among these true artists. I’m hoping I will somehow measure up.
I want to do something that will honor the World Art Project, myself and also my state of Arizona. I have been drawing and redrawing motifs trying to prepare for when it would be my turn at bat.


02. Kim Eoff

At this point let me explain that I am not terribly fond of leather pieces that are painted with acrylic. Probably because I am not a good acrylic artist and I really love the look of carved leather. Taking that into account, after my test carves…. My piece is begging for a spot of color!! How can I do an Arizona desert motif without trying to show a bit of the diverse color of our Sonoran desert.


01. Kim Eoff

The artwork around the world project is travelling on and it is still travelling in the U.S. The box with the project has now reached our 9th participant, Kim Eoff in Arizona. Kim is a skilled leather artist with a family history in arts and crafts. Although she considers her to be relatively new to leather crafting, she happily agreed when we asked her to participate in this unique project.

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The b2zone artwork around the world Consuelo Glemby

bacaroundtheworld kim eoff



 The artwork is travelling to Kim Eoff who lives in Arizona, U.S.

02.Consuelo Glemby
Consuelo wrote: I was super excited and very honored to be part of this project. Slightly nervous  as well.  I wanted to do a good job and have it be worthy of the beautiful artwork that was done on this project already. I picked the Indiana State Bird and State flower which happens to be my favorite bird and flower personally.
01.Consuelo Glemby
Our  8th participant in the b2zone artwork around the world project, Consuelo Glemby from DeMotte, Indiana, has added her beautiful contribution to the leather piece! Consuelo has dedicated herself to leather work and leather art for 20 years now. Her speciality and what she likes doing most is painting her carved leather pictures.

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The b2zone artwork around the world Britt Nantz

bacaroundtheworld consuelo glemby



 The artwork is travelling to Consuelo Glemby who lives in Indiana, U.S.




In spite of his busy schedule and working down a pile of customers orders, Britt has managed to create and carve one of his wonderful tiny western style motifs on the artwork around the world leather piece. We are very happy that he was willing to participate in the project and added another outstanding contribution to it.




Britt Nantz is a leather artist that is very well known for his artistic skills and talent of carving the tiniest motifs and floral patterns in an absolutely clean and detailed way. Being a ranch and cattle owner himself, his motifs are always inspired by the “old cowboy ways” and show scenes of ranch life and traditional cowboy work.



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The b2zone artwork around the world Peter Main

bacaroundtheworld britt nantz




 The artwork is travelling to Britt Nantz who lives in Texas, U.S.

Peter Main 7


04.26.2016 Peter Main wrote: This is a small section from a piece I first did in 2003. I like the simplicity and balance of this image, showing colors fading into a plain background. The execution is without the use of stamping tools, the modeling tool is all that is required. Only four colors of spirit dye are used here…in various strengths.


Peter Main 6


Here shows the work in progress picture of Peter Main’s contribute to the artwork around the world project. He is the 6th artist to add his motif to it and makes us curious to see his finished contribute.


Peter Main

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