A new journey begins


Our artwork is already packed. A safe wooden box is ready for shipping. How exciting! Finally, it’s the moment and a new chapter begins for our Artwork Around The World Project. From the carpentry workshop, our artwork now travels to Jim Shipley, who will take care of presenting our great project to a wider audience. In our magazine, we keep you up to date on the dates and exhibitions.

It’s a great pleasure to know that Jim is taking over this task for us in the US. For that is how the work of art obtains the honor it deserves. It’s not just any project, not just a venture. It is a global, cross-continent project that brought together artists from different countries and cultures and created one work of art together. In almost 3 years with the contributions of 28 artists, our artwork is now traveling and we are all there. Excited and expectant. Stay tuned.



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b2zone artwork around the world project


A letter to our artists

We of b2zone want to say a big thank you to all of you who participated in this stellar project. You took the time and made all effort to contribute your motifs at no charge. Folks saying there is only bad happening in this world these days, you have proven exactly the opposite with your contribution to this complete artwork. You have proven that a global collaboration on one project is possible. Both, artists and organizers, have evinced a lot of patience and carried this unique project through 27 exciting months of travel.
Sent from South Africa, the box with the precious content had gone astray for six months, in a row boat across the Indian Ocean, which left all of us in suspense if it would ever reach the Australian coast. The collaboration of 28 leather artists has emerged into a fantastic collage. We think of one thing that probably all participating artists share, the huge responsibility for a piece of leather where several others had already tooled their motifs on. “Just do not spill any paint” ;)

While the collage is completed now, the journey goes on. There are already Leather Museums in the U.S. that are interested in exhibiting this artwork. All of you artists have supported the all over organization and have made it pretty simple for us, Gina and Roland, because you were all ready to join the project. No-one we asked if he would like to participate, has given us a rebuff, everyone was willing to participate. For that, we thank you in particular. Very well done!

Gina & Roland


All artists in chronological order of their contributing: Gina Adam, Tim Pinkos, Terry Diveley, Tia Davis, George Williams, Kim Eoff, Consuelo Glemby, Skeeter Yasko, Britt Nantz, Peter Main, K Adam Tanner, Clay Banyai, Kathy Flanagan, Freddie Matara, Verônica Passos, Anton de Wit, Ann-Maree Ager, Silvia Guerrera, Howard Lee, Akiko Okada, Vasya Kazakhsha-Style, Era Shevtsova, Robert Radcliffe, Nicole Light, Michael Dale, Sandra Borges, Anna Morov aka Anna Master, Jürgen Volbach



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Artwork around the world news


What is current?

We of b2zone know that everyone is waiting impatiently for the final release and publishing of photos of the complete artwork. Due to many important facts, this will still take some time though. Meanwhile, we want to share some hard facts with you, as well as a description of how we will organize the next steps. The truly amazing hard facts are:

The leather piece of 42”x 18.5”was decorated with the leather artwork of 28 different leather artists around the globe. The box with the leather piece traveled abroad for 2 years and 11 months, to reach chosen participants in five continents, Europe, The United States, Africa, Oceania and Asia. On this long journey around the globe, the box with the leather piece covered a distance of about 84.000 air kilometers!

Before the final publishing of the complete artwork, many things have to be organized. All the participating artists have invested precious time at no charge, for contributing their motif. Right from the beginning, it was planned that b2zone would buy the finished artwork from the participants at the price of USD 1.000. This amount would then be donated to a non-profit welfare organization. As we wanted to involve the artists in this process, this subject needs to be conceptualized and planned by us up-front.

Tim Pinkos recently came up with the neat idea to have prints made of the finished artwork and quite a few people stated their interest in buying a print. That’s another subject matter. Since the measurements of the leather piece are out of the ordinary, we have to find a printing house that is able to produce prints this size. We will bring it onto a white background so each buyer could then choose the frame color individually. All participants and other interested people who would want to buy a print, shall please comment in the comment section under the post in the b2zone artwork collection group. If you know other people who would be interested in buying a print of the artwork around the world leather collage, please let us know, so we could get an idea of the approximate amount of prints that had to be produced. Our plan is to sell and ship the prints at cost, b2zone will not keep any money of it.


you and art magazine artwork around the world


Another subject we have to face up to in the whole organization process, is the protective conservation of the leather piece and an appropriate protective packaging for shipping the piece to its final destination. It was planned from the beginning to exhibit the artwork in a leather museum in the United States. As to that, first contacts were made and conversations were held. This subject is also pretty elaborate, contracts need be made and all that needs orderly preparations. So we plead for your understanding that organizing that all takes its time, we will always inform you about the next actual steps we are making in a timely manner. Currently, the photo-shooting is on our agenda, we have already selected a professional photography studio. Next steps will be finding and selecting the printing house and choosing the paper for the prints. Stay tuned and excited for our next update-posting! Roland & Gina

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The b2zone artwork around the world Juergen Volbach


03 Juergen Volbach2


Jürgen wrote: I was very pleased when I was asked if I would like to participate in this great project. For me, it is something special because I now see a work of mine implemented in a complete work of art that so many leather artists from so many countries have created. Which path has this piece of leather already traveled and how many thoughts may be hidden in this wonderful artwork? I am now the last participating artist and I’m looking forward to the release of the finished project.



02 Juergen Volbach


When the box arrived at my place and I had unboxed it, I stared at it for quite a while, wondering what my contribution could be like. Naturally, for the last participant, the spot was narrower than it was for the first participants, and thus it was also a bit of a challenge. After pondering about it for a while, the idea of a Koi fish came into mind. Filling the rest of the area with water lilies and leaves seemed to be the most appropriate and matching design for me. Many thanks to the #b2zone team for allowing me to participate and to represent my work on this wonderful project.


01 Juergen Volbach2

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The b2zone artwork around the world Anna Master



03 Anna Master


Anna wrote: Since I don’t see myself as a leather craft celebrity, I felt very honored and excited to be asked to be part of this project and to join my leather working colleagues whose work on this artwork around the world project I really admire. I knew before the box arrived, it would be something awesome, and I was even more impressed once I opened the box and could view and touch so many of the contributions made by the other participants, leather crafting colleagues whose artworks inspire me. I’m rather a “cave bear” and most of my leather crafting friends are virtual. I don’t participate in craft fairs or leather craft reunions and I also don’t take or teach any leather carving lessons.


02 Anna Master


I think I’d fail in describing what I felt when I unrolled the leather piece with all the contributions designed from the heart by all my colleagues. It felt heart-warming to me getting connected with other leather artists from around the world that are sharing my passion, it now was real and not just virtual. At first, before the box arrived, I had no idea about my contribution. I saw that some participants had tooled country-related motifs. I live in Czech Republic and was wondering what the best known symbols of my country are. Beer and the brave soldier Sveik. That didn’t attract me at all. I remembered that I had often heard that leather craft was going extinct and wasn’t popular anymore. Since I strongly disagree, I decided a Phoenix to be my motif of choice to add to this incredible collage, since it is the symbol for immortality.


01 Anna Master

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The b2zone artwork around the world Sandra Borges

 bacaroundtheworld anna master


 The artwork is travelling to Anna Master who lives in Czechoslovakia



03 Sandra Borges


Sandra wrote: My journey into the leather world began at the end of 2014 when I wanted a leather bracelet, but couldn’t find anything that satisfied my personal taste. So, one day I decided to search the internet for designs, tips and tricks to make myself a bracelet on my own. Little did I know that this would entice my love for leather and create an addiction to leather work. Months later, after watching some videos on the internet, I figured I wanted to try leather carving, but since there weren’t any courses that I could attend in my country, all I could do was to absorb any information I could find online, practice and learn from my own mistakes.


02 Sandra Borges


I was quite surprised and flattered when I was invited to participate in this amazing project by the b2zone, especially because me and my work were going to have presence among such wonderful leather artists from the four corners of the world, some of them well-known by their peers in the leather world and not only!
The motif to be carved was a free choice of the artists and I wanted to depict something that wouldn’t just show a bit of my abilities but also had a connection to my country, Portugal. So I finally decided to carve a depiction of a Portuguese ship from the 16th century that was used in the Portuguese discoveries at the time. It was also painted in such manner that would have similarities to the Portuguese hand-painted tiles that have been made for centuries in the traditional Portuguese way and are appreciated all over Portugal.


01 Sandra Borges

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In fond remembrance of Nicole Lampe and Skeeter Yasko


in memoriam Nicole Lampe and Skeeter Yasko


When we set “Artwork Around the World” in motion, we did it with the joyous anticipation of a project that should become a living story. A story that would be built one scene at a time by the hands of great artists spread throughout the world. We were right. The story developed into something beautiful. What we did not anticipate is that it would also bring an element of sorrow. Within a very short time, tragedy stroke twice.

Our world has lost Nicole Lampe and Skeeter Yasko. We, the b2zone Editorial Staff, were deeply saddened by the news. With these words, we send our heartfelt condolences to those closest to them as well as to all who were touched by their lives and their art. We will miss them even as they continue to live through their artwork.

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The b2zone artwork around the world Michael Dale

bacaroundtheworld michael dale



 The artwork is travelling to Sandra Borges who lives in Portugal



03 Michael Dale


Michael wrote: “Being involved in this project fascinated me when I first heard about it, and I think that it is a perfect representation of how our passion is interpreted around the world. Each artist has a different story to tell with their art, and for me, it shows our diversity. I chose this motif because after all the carving I’ve done, nothing is more satisfying than a properly done portraiture, especially old men with beards. I am particularly fond of Nordic artwork and history so this warrior king was the perfect choice”.


02 Michael Dale


Michael Dale found his passion for leather work in 2013 after happening to visit a Tandy Leather store near Chicago Illinois and his leather journey began after his first leather project was noticed by a local leather worker and is ongoing ever since. After Michael’s work was published for the first time in the Leather Crafter’s and Saddler’s journal in 2013, he became a regular contributor to this magazine. He is active as a teacher in leather craft and even founded an online platform where many famous and skilled instructors from all around the world offer online classes for the international leather crafters community. Since Michael’s journey in leather craft has started, he has become an avid student of this craft and passes on his passion and knowledge whenever he can. He resides in Rhodes, Greece where he moved to be with the woman he loves, who is a very talented leather worker in her own right.


01 Michael Dale

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The b2zone artwork around the world Nicole Lampe

bacaroundtheworld michael dale



 The artwork is travelling to Michael Dale who lives in Greece



 04 Nicole Lampe


Nicole wrote: I am Nicole Lampe aka Nicole Light, born and raised in the Netherlands. My mother was the creative one, she could draw very good and make beautiful things. My dad was a sportsman and physiotherapist. As long as I remember, horses were my favorite animals and many times I was very impressed by the tack. I always wondered how that was made. When I started to ride professionally and attended shows, I wanted more special tack. That was either very expensive to buy or just not available. So I started to create my own. Since I had a busy job as a manager in Dutch prisons, studied a lot and had a horse to take care of, it was not possible to study harness making. In 2007 at last, I had the time to follow my dream, and so I went to saddle and tack making school in Belgium for two years. I also did an extra course on carriage tack. In 2009, I successfully finished my exam. Now I know that this was just a beginning, however, I had learned what I wanted to know for so long, the old ways of tack making and leather work.


03 Nicole Lampe


Since then, I have a small tack atelier where I do repairs and make custom leather goods. All the beautiful leather work I saw online made me decide to learn this myself. Only two years ago I discovered leather carving, Sheridan style, Baroque and modern and that was so incredible. But even better, I found that I was also able to learn this! Now that was a dream come true. There were teachers and it was possible to get lessons. I went to the Elwats leather show in France where I met famous leather artists like Jim Linell, Kathy Flanagan and Robert Beard. All such nice and dedicated people. I took as many classes as I could afford at this show. I was so impressed and exited. That flame that started to burn would from there on burn more and more, and I am sure that, as long as possible, I will practice my skills and try to learn as much as possible. It is a healthy addiction and the world of leather workers has fantastic people, kind, helpful and dedicated.


02 Nicole Lampe


The chance for me to be part of the fantastic project of b2zone was a chance that made me very nervous, yet very exited. The artwork I saw was amazing and I asked myself how was it possible that I was part of this. However, I was also very flattered and it motivated me to practice more and more. So recently, I got an email that the box was on his way to my place.
Then, finally, the skin was here, in a box that had traveled a long way yet. When I looked at that skin full of beautiful things, all that art and some I studied for hours, there were even some of my teachers there. So my contribution is a new skill I have learned, embossing and of course it had to be Dutch and something representing our region. My motif is a Dutch lady, dressed in our folkloric clothes. Her cap is called a ‘virgin cap’ and is originally made of thin lace cotton that is stiffened so the lace hat is very hard and the young lady walks very straight because its impossible to move the head. As soon as the young ladies get married the hat changes into a smaller version.
Thanks for this wonderful chance to be part of this global piece of art.


01 Nicole Lampe

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The creation of a global leather artwork


The countdown has started

Only five artists are yet to contribute to our artwork around the world leather project until every space on the leather will be filled, we’re all excited! We started this wonderful and unique project in November 2015 in our #b2zoneartworkcollection group. The box with the leather piece has now travelled seven countries, it started its journey in Germany, went to the U.S., to Brazil, South Africa, to Australia, Japan and now it is back in Europe and already travelled the United Kingdom. Twenty three participants in summary have already contributed and tooled their very own beautiful motif to it, to turn a former simple piece of leather into a unique global artwork at the end.


b2zone magazine artwork around the world five artists left


The box now is on its way to the Netherlands, will then hit Greece, Portugal, the Czech Republic and the last participant will be Germany again. After this unbelievable journey, and when it will have reached its final destination in the United States, this leather piece will have travelled way over 40.000 kilometers, which is more than the circumference of our globe. Imagine that! Our excitement expands and rises past bearing, until we will unravel the secret of the final outcome of this project and share it with the world.

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The b2zone artwork around the world Robert Radcliffe

bacaroundtheworld nicole lampe



 The artwork is travelling to Nicole Lampe who lives in Netherlands



03 Robert Radcliffe


Robert wrote: I’ll say from the outset I’ve never really considered myself to be a true artist. Possibly an artisan or craftsman. For over 30 years I’ve taught science and for most of that time any creative talent I’ve had, went into trying to make interesting lessons. I remember, therefore, being surprised to be asked to be part of the b2zone artwork collection group. It made me think my work was being viewed in a different light by others and I was secretly rather pleased. So when I was then asked if I wanted to be part of the b2zone artwork around the world project, I felt incredibly honored to be considered worthy. I’ll be honest and say the quality of the work from the other contributors was a little intimidating at first. However, it is important to take on challenges and work outside your comfort zone. 


02 Robert Radcliffe


Just the size of the piece of leather was a challenge as I normally produce much smaller knife sheaths. I had to completely reorganize my work area to allow for movement during tooling and coloring. Even so there were a few occasions where I had to twist into some unnatural positions to place a tool or brush. I have to say I enjoyed the process and I hope the result doesn’t look too out of place alongside the incredible work of those far more talented than myself. For those who know me it’ll come as no surprise I chose to do a dragon and use my usual coloring methods. I feel I’ve produced something that represents my style. So good luck to the next contributor and I’m sure I speak for all members of the group when I say I’m really looking forward to the final reveal.


01 Robert Radcliffe

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The b2zone artwork around the world Era Shevtsova

bacaroundtheworld robert radcliffe


 The artwork is travelling to Robert Radcliffe who lives in Great Britain



03 Era Shevtsova


Era wrote: When I heard about the project I thought what a great idea and what a piece of history it will be! When I was invited to participate I would not believe how lucky I am to be a part of it! I am so honored to have a chance to leave my mark on this leather canvas among those big guys, I can not even explain the whole bouquet of feelings I experienced. I am very grateful for this opportunity! I had a lot of time to think what I want to do as my part and decided to choose the subject which fascinates me the most. Victorian style designs have always been my favorite.


02 Era Shevtsova


I love baroque ornamentation, I love scrolls and floral motifs. The biggest inspiration for me are wood/stone carvings and metal engravings. There is a lot to learn from those masters and it never ceases to amaze me how intricate and pleasant to the eye those designs can be. I try to recreate something similar in leather but I still have a lot to practice and learn. I am nowhere near the perfection I would love to achieve but I work hard to be on my way there. With all this in mind I decided to go for victorian/baroque style and tried to represent it in leather as best as I could at this point. I hope my work is good enough to take such an honored place. Thank you!


01 Era Shevtsova

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The b2zone artwork around the world Aiman Sagatova

bacaroundtheworld era shevtsova


 The artwork has been handed over by Aiman Sagatova to Era Shevtsova who lives in Great Britain



03 Aiman Sagatova


Aiman wrote: I have been working with leather for over four years now, but for the first time I’m participating in this kind of art project. I work in different styles and I try myself in something new constantly, but motifs of my mother land, Kazakhstan, had always remained an integral part of my work.


02 Aiman Sagatova


It took me a while to figure out what I want to put into my design, and decided to combine the image of batyr (warrior) on the horse with traditional ornament. When I received the parcel from Akiko, I was opening it with a fluttering of my heart. It was so fascinating to see the splendor of leather work from other artists. I am really proud that my work has now taken its place on this leather canvas.


01 Aiman Sagatova

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The b2zone artwork around the world Akiko Okada

bacaroundtheworld aiman sagatova


 The artwork is travelling to Aiman Sagatova who lives in Great Britain



02 Akiko Okada


Akiko wrote: I had a chance to visit Sheridan for the first time in 1997. I met Don King, Jim Jackson and other master carvers there, and I saw a lot of beautiful flowing art work of each person. I could see everybody’s patterns were different from others. They are all Sheridan style carving. I was very moved. This is the very style I’ve been looking for. I visited Sheridan every year since 1997. And I learned Sheridan style pattern and history from Don King, Jim Jackson, Don Butler, Clint Fay, Chester Hape. This is the reason that I carved Akiko’s Sheridan style carving on the artwork around the world leather piece.


01 Akiko Okada

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The b2zone artwork around the world Howard Lee

bacaroundtheworld akiko okada


 The artwork is travelling to Akiko Okada who lives in Japan





These flowering gums I chose to tool as my contribution to the artwork around the world project are probably the most significant ones in Australia. All gums (eucalyptus) actually flower, however these are more spectacular. They only really grow well in Western Australia so they are very symbolic of the state I live in. I see them in the early morning grey predawn when walking the dogs around the lake.





It’s very quiet in the bush just before first light, you see the flashes of red colour emerging from the gloom as the mist over the lake dispels in the first rays of the sun. A gently buzzing reminds you not to get too close since they are heavy with pollen and attract bees in droves. It will be hot later, this is a beautiful time of day to enjoy one of our native treasures, plus they are one of the few nature things in Australia that aren’t out to kill you.



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The b2zone artwork around the world Silvia Guerrera

bacaroundtheworld howard lee


 The artwork is travelling to Howard Lee who lives in Australia



 03 Silvia Guerrera


Silvia wrote: After deliberating over what to add to this masterpeice and do it justice, i decided on the Day of the Dead musician, for my love of live music and music in general really. I had recently tooled this guy on a guitar strap for a brilliant musician and friend of mine. I am also a fan of antique and always will be, so I wanted to capture its essence and how it brings art to life.


02 Silvia Guerrera


It’s been an honour to be asked to contribute to this wonderful project and i take my hat off to Gina Adam and the B2zone team for making it happen. What drive, determination and passion these people have to undertake such an awesome project. As a matter of fact, i took the photo of Clay Banyai handing the package to Kathy Flanagan in Colorado Springs whilst i was in the States so around the world we go!


01 Silvia Guerrera


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The b2zone artwork around the world Ann Maree Ager

bacaroundtheworld silvia guerrera


 The artwork has been handed over by Ann Maree Ager to Silvia Guerrera who lives in Australia



03. Ann Maree Ager


I has been a long journey for our artwork around the world project to finally reach Australia. We are very happy that Ann-Maree, as the first of three participants in Australia, has managed to enhance the project with such a wonderful motif in almost no time. Ann-Maree was just recently successfully involved in Australians famous Royal Easter Show where she exhibited some of her unique and beautiful leather artwork. She succeeded as the most successful exhibitor in leatherwork for the second year in a row and received great attention for her craft in many local newspapers.


02. Ann Maree Ager


Ann-Maree wrote: For the artwork around the world project I wanted to include something Australian and so I choose this little possum. I went for a watercolour look as it was a bit different to the other styles and allowed me to include looks of bright colours which is typical for my leather work. I used a circular shape to try to balance the composition of the whole piece, but everyone will have to wait till it’s finished to see what I mean.


01. Ann Maree Ager

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artwork around the world arrived australia

Artwork around the world project has come out of hiding


After 89 days, which is four months in summary, the express shuttle service boat has finally reached its destination in Australia! We feared the worst, that this wonderful project got lost in the wide spaces of the Indian Ocean. Our artwork around the world project was sailing under a lucky star and we’re all cheered that it has come out of hiding finally! Now it can travel on!

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artwork around the world where is the box

Where is the box


When we planned the route for our artwork around the world project we wanted to involve leather artists from as many countries as possible, to make it a real “world project”. When we thought about South Africa we assumed that there could be problems since we knew that South African postal service is not one of the most relieable services. When South African participant Anton de Wit had finished his contribution on the leather piece he shipped the box on December 23rd 2016. Now the box is in transit for almost six weeks and we don’t have any relieable information about it’s status. We have tried to track it numerous times and there’s no chance to get any feedback from SAPO. Countless emails to their customer services have been sent and we never got any reply. The only sparse information we got were through tracking services outside of SAPO. Our South African group members Anet du Toit and Felicity McNamara also tried to help gathering information. When Ann-Maree tracked it lately, the status was still “Insert item into bag out” on January 6th at Johannesburg International Mail Centre.
We are not hoping for the worst case, but since the box was shipped with SAPO as the slowest postal service instead of using a faster and more relieable private postal service, it is entirely possible that it will take a couple more weeks still until the box will have reached it’s destination in Australia. Keep your fingers crossed!

Update: Our artwork around the world project has been spotted. It is supposed to be on a slow ship from South Africa to Australia. We are all really hoping for calm seas and fresh rowers and that the box will arrive safely in Australia soon!”



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The b2zone artwork around the world Anton de Wit

 bacaroundtheworld ann maree ager



 The artwork is travelling to Ann Maree Ager who lives in Australia


02. Anton de Wit


Originally a bow maker, Anton de Wit began working with leather only a couple of years ago. The community knows him for his paintings of wild animals, typical animals of South Africa and for his native-inspired portraits on leather goods like archery equipment, purses and bags.

Anton wrote: I decided on a Native American face as my artwork because I have a kinship with their art and culture. I also wanted to contribute something different to this project and I sincerely hope I have done this.


01. Anton de Wit


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