Francisco Lorente ak Fermosos Fierros forges outstanding blades



Fermosos, is a Spanish artist and knife maker. He was born in a village in the province of Jaén, Peal de Becerro in Southern Spain. He worked as a System Qualification Engineer in many Spanish towns and cities but spent most of his career in the financial and energy industries. After living all throughout Spain he settled in Orcera where he resides now. Fermosos has always liked working with his hands and spent much of his youth crafting models like ships and submarines, doing carpentry and even some leather work. He remembers repairing footballs for kids in his neighborhood and even sometimes making wrist straps. He started making knives in 2007 just out of personal interest and entertainment.

Fermosos is a completely self-taught knife maker who gathered all the knowledge that allows him to create exemplary knives right of the internet. “Sometimes things work just right on the first try, other times I have to repeat and repeat until things work the way I want, especially the treatment of steel, which is part study and part consistency,” he says. Fermosos used ready-made blades for his first knives because he had no machines to work steel back then, only hand tools like files and sandpaper. He eventually met blacksmith Ignacio Quesana in Orcera who gave him the opportunity to forge his own blades. Even though beveling blades with a file was a hard and slow job it gave Fermosos the opportunity to study the material and acquire knowledge about the geometry of cutting edges.



Fermossos Fierros



In 2012 Fermosos built his first own standing machine which, as he says, was not perfect but helped him to greatly improve his finishing skills as well as to increase the amount of knives he could make in a month. He bought his first forge and anvil (which he still uses today) in the same year. Further improvement took place in 2014 when Fermosos made a significant investment in a new workshop with professional devices for knife making enabling him to substantially increase the quality and quantity of his knife production. Fermosos uses different kinds of steel to craft his beautiful knives which range from ancient agricultural tools (such as plowshares) to modern stainless steels. He also makes his own Damascus steel. The handles are made out of natural materials from all around the world such as wood or horn and sometimes they are even decorated with beautiful scrimshaw art.

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Elisabeth Kalinowski transfers her emotions into wonderful art



Elisabeth is a skilled French artist of various styles and talents. Her love for drawing reaches so far back in her childhood that she feels like she “started drawing before she could even walk.” Art has always impacted Elisabeth. Drawings, sculptures, engravings and architecture always seemed to project a certain magic to her. She describes herself as a dreamer who dives into her own little world with every new creation she makes. The first portrait Elisabeth ever drew was that one of Mahatma Gandhi; she was only fourteen years old and it was the first of a long series of portraits. She also uses her skills to create beautiful paintings depicting nude women or couples and also delves into other art forms such as writing poetry.

For Elisabeth there is nothing more important than to transfer her emotions, love, passion or sadness onto the canvas and to implement a piece of her soul into each one of her creations. As Elisabeth developed and grew in her art she started to expand into illustrated drawing and clay sculpting using and mixing different natural textures like stones, pieces of trees and other materials. Her sources of inspiration are of a wide variety starting with Mother Nature and followed by her own emotions, music, writers, painters, illustrators, sculptors and even movies. Tolkien, Baudelaire, Klimt, Louis Royo and Camille Claudel are a small selection of artists who inspire her.



Elisabeth Kalinovski


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The Romanian leather artist Emanuel Constantin also loves to work wood



Emanuel Constantin is an artist from Bacau, a city in the heart of the historical region of Moldavia in eastern Romania. While most people may know Emanuel as a leather artisan his talent and skill in woodworking is worth a look. His early approaches to work with wood started in his childhood when he and his friends strolled through the forests. Each one of the boys had his own self-made wooden “handy” stick and they used to compete to see who had the most beautiful one by decorating them with inlays of bark or different kinds of wood.



canton retouched



Emanuel always believed that wood is alive forever and he carries this belief still today. Over time he has greatly developed his woodworking skills and throughout the years he has created many beautiful items such as carved spoons, cups, rustic chairs and all kinds of wooden leather tools which he still uses. Emanuel believes that both leather crafting and woodworking have taken a small part of him. He loves to create and working with wood and leather always gives him great pleasure and relaxation.

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Dave Beharriell believes in the longevity of art


Ontario, CA

Dave is an artist of many talents born and raised in northern Ontario, Canada. As a child he spent adventurous times wandering wide and far through the bush, exploring ponds and streams. With a knife he took from his Grandmother’s drawer he started carving little boats and making spears for his great adventures in the wild. His parents always supported his artistic motivation, encouraging him and providing him with whatever medium he wanted to try. His mother often took him for walks out in the bush so he learned at an early age how to appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

It did not take him long to choose wood as his favorite medium with which to work. After having the chance to repair and decorate many antique items Dave realized the value of adding little details or something special to everything he did. He always felt the desire to set his work apart whether he made unique bows and arrows, drawings or carving beautiful decorative items. Dave believes in the longevity of art and his approach to handcrafting wood is that the product should last at least as long as it took the tree to grow.



Dave Beharriell


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The versatile leather artist Tim Pinkos is inspired by nature


California, U.S

Tim Pinkos is a skilled leather artist, born in Detroit and now resides in Seiad Valley in northern California, US. He has not always been a leather crafter and artist, although in his teenages he had played around with some leather tools that his older brother had left stored in a box after he had given up the hobby of leather crafting. Just making some small items out of leather at this time, Tim did not feel the “thrill” in it yet and eventually gave it up again to become an auto mechanic. After about 20 years working in this job, Tim got access to his brother’s leather working tools again when he moved to Seiad Valley where his brother lived, too. This time it kicked right in and Tim got hooked.



Tim Pinkos



He started creating smaller items at first, but after he had viewed an article in a Leather crafters journal, which showed an artwork of a jumping trout made by well-known leather artist Robb Barr, Tim got eager to also learn how to use this technique for creating beautiful art pieces out of leather. The first motif he created using this technique was a 3d bear, taught in a class that Robb Barr held and Tim said he was not quite pleased with how his picture turned out, but he kept on working at it until he was satisfied with the results. As a lover of nature and animals, Tim has created several beautiful 3d leather pictures in the past 16 years, but the variety of items he makes furthermore also include high quality good looking leather work for daily use, like wallets, knife sheath’s, bags and much more.

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Consuelo Glemby loves to paint pictures on leather


Indiana, U.S.

Leather artist Consuelo Glemby’s love for art has been evident through her painting and creativity which started in her childhood days. Consuelo started carving leather 20 years ago after she and her family moved from New York to Merriville, Indiana. One day, while she was window shopping in her town, she walked into a Tandy Leather store and became deeply intrigued by the merchandise and supplies displayed. She remembers a group of people sitting around a table in the back of the shop who were tooling and crafting beautiful leather items and who kindly invited her to take part and learn the craft. She got hooked right away. Consuelo began making pictures and other projects supported by Alex Madson, one of her mentors, who taught her various techniques in leather crafting.






The books of Al Stohlman, which she bought when she started working with leather, have also been essential to her learning of the craft. She joined and became very involved with the Leather Guild until life got in the way and eventually lost touch for some years. Consuelo rejoined the Leather Guild in 2010 and this time she also started to take part in competitions. From all her leather creations pictures are her favorite, but she has also found a love for the creation of leather bowls. Her inspiration comes from Master leather carvers such as Peter Main, Kathy Flanagan, Clay Banyai, and others like Terry Diveley and Galo Garcia who have always been very supportive in helping her to further develop her craft.

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Leather braiding art by Miguel Marcos



Miguel Marcos is a Spanish leather braiding artist who started with the craft at the age of 19 after meeting some crafters who taught him the basics in the isle of Menorca. After learning his way around a braid with four strands as well as his first knot from the crafters in Menorca, Miguel continued to learn the craft on his own by practicing a lot and exchanging experiences and knowledge with other craftsmen. At that point he still considered leather braiding only a craft rather than an art. Once he dove deeper into the world of leather braiding he realized that he could actually express his emotions through it by creating small braided sculptures as well as braided leather jewelry. This is when Miguel realized his braiding had evolved into an art. He perfected his work over the years getting inspired by mother nature, different books, South American leather braiding as well as from various internet sources. He also mastered the skill of finding the right proportions that give his finished products that clean and perfect appearance. Miguel valuates his work not only economically but also for the individuality of every piece. He believes his artwork carries a piece of his soul and passion and that people can be reminded of him while wearing one of his creations.





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Howard Lee is constantly exploring the art of leather crafting


Perth, Australia

Howard Lee, born in 1954, is a talented leather artist from Perth, Australia. He started his art and craft in the mid-1970s when he got a girlfriend and realized the necessity to generate additional income. He started making belts and purses with rather primitive tools and equipment, working on the floor of his one-bedroom apartment at night and after his day job. His slab back then was nothing more than a brick. Howard learned from books how to make leather items that were good enough to be sold and he and his girlfriend started selling his handcrafted leather products at the markets successfully. He kept working as an engineer during the day and at night he worked on his inventory for the market stall they ran every weekend. Eventually Howard’s family grew in numbers and his time for leatherwork decreased until it came to a halt.

Even though he gave up his craft for many years he continued collecting leather-working tools. After more than 30 years of collecting he owns nearly every tool one can imagine and has learned to use and enjoy every one of them. Howard eventually picked up the craft again. His leatherwork now is a form of expression and he thoroughly enjoys the companionship of fellow craftspeople as well as teaching the craft. He loves to watch his students gain confidence and to move forward to find their own personal expression in leather crafting. As a truly self-taught artist all his knowledge comes from crafting and “Reading the ink of every leather craft book he could find.” His early leather crafting days were heavily inspired by Al Stohlman and in more recent years he also got inspiration from many artists on the social media platforms such as Nigel Armitage and Peter Main. Howard does not specialize only in crafting certain items. He is constantly exploring the craft and experimenting with color and styles in order to adapt to his customers’ demands and wishes.






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Philippe Peres creates unique pens


Tarbes, France

Philippe Peres was born in the year 1968 in Tarbes, France. His grandfather led him through the art of handcrafting early on in his childhood. He still spends his leisure time handcrafting even though his professional career today is in the sciences. Philippe has always loved to work with wood, his favorite material, because of the attraction he feels for its different variants, colors and textures. For him crafting wood is not limited to art. As playing billiards is one of his passions he decided to handcraft his own custom queue using a small extensible lathe. He has made over 20 different billiard queues since then. Philippe has also devoted his time to cutlery and has traveled extensively through France to learn how to forge knives and the techniques to craft Damascus steel, which led him to start to build his own tools and machines.



Philippe Peres



A creative mind like Philippe’s is the kind to figure out how stuff works and to create. One day he decided to craft pens as Christmas presents for his family with the use of an old mechanic lathe. Although pens do not seem fancy on the surface he was very proud of his achievement so he decided to share pictures of his pens with his friends who ended up all wanting a pen of their own. That’s when Philippe stopped making knives and used his previous experience to dedicate himself to lathe stationary. Philippe wanted to set himself apart from other stationary companies that merely work with wood and used his experience and ingenuity to research and experiment with other materials to create really unique pens. Nowadays his unique product palette not only includes the most beautiful pens but also perfume bottles and traditional shaving kits. All of his designs are inspired by nature and his environment.

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Kim Eoff carving wonderful Sheridan floral patterns


Arizona, U.S.

Kim Eoff is a skilled and talented female leather crafter from Phoenix, Arizona. Crafting and artistry runs deep in her family, and Kim picked up leather working as a hobby in the year 2015, after an accident left her unable to work anymore. Being endowed with an active mind, she is always taking on new projects. Her journey into leather working actually started with a box that was given to her, which had belonged to her grandfather. The box contained some leather supplies and also a Craft tool set, along with some key rings and fobs her grandfather had tried to make. Kim remembered an art class that she had taken 40 years earlier, where she had crafted a western floral belt.



Kim Eoff



She wondered if she’d still like that kind of craft and ordered more tools to supplement her Craft tool and swivel knife she already owned. Inspired by watching YouTube videos of Jim Linell and Bruce Cheaney, she started leather work again-and loved it. More of Kim’s inspiration came from looking at the work of well-known Bob Park and various other talented leather artists that showcased their work on social media. All the inspiration convinced her to try her hand on bigger, more detailed projects and soon she found her own style doing beautiful Sheridan floral carvings. Handcrafted items like belts, pouches, cardholders and various cases have left Kim’s workshop since 2015 and decorate the palette of her offers.

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Carving artist Scott Nash pictures funny and friendly faces in wood


California, U.S.

Scott Nash is a carving artist who lives in Lancaster, Southern California. He is a very skilled and creative woodcarver and has some special skills in picture carving. The tiny pictures he carves in wood are made as wall hangings and depict all sorts of different scenes of nature. Each of them tells its own little story. A specialty of Scott’s work is carving funny and friendly characteristic faces. Items like letter openers, rolling pins, walking sticks, furniture legs and cribbage boards, as well as simple pine knots turn into unique artworks in his skilled hands. Scott does everything on his own and he teaches himself how to implement his ideas, of which he never seems to run out. The motifs he creates are first drawn onto the wooden objects with a pencil and are carved afterwards with a Dremel tool. Most of his finished carvings are left unpainted, which leaves them with a very soft and natural, eye-pleasing look.





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