Maggy and Max get fishing gear


Once again wild berries don‘t fill them up. Max wrestles with the raspberry bushes. One raspberry simply doesn’t want to get caught. He stretches himself as long as he possibly can. But the raspberry branches stick to his fur. They pinch him. He grumpily reaches out for two branches to fish for this very stubborn raspberry. Maggy watches him absently minded. Aha! She jumps back into alertness. That’s it. Max, you are a genius! We are going to go fishing for chickens. Now they just need the right fishing gear. Bob the beaver makes some fishing rods for them.

The fishing line was to be found at Fred the woodpecker’s secret store. But where can one find fishing hooks? Especially those designed to catch chickens? The question should go to subject-matter experts. And those are of course the fishes in the pond. Max blasts the water three times with the reed. Kurt, the chief of the pond fishes, approaches. He understands right away what Maggy & Max so desperately want. Kurt brings out his private fish hook collection. He puts it in front of them and opens the case. Max gets heavily blinded by the glittering hooks and stumbles. And, oh no! He falls into the case. Maggy and Kurt almost fall over from laughter. Max looks like a Christmas tree. All the hooks hang neatly arranged all over his fur. That really stings. Never mind, Max!



By the time we get the next chicken everything will be alright.



Maggy & Max E13

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