The Voice of Art exemplary Raphael Truffi Bortholuzzi


Raphael Truffi Bortholuzzi creates the world in miniature. With devotion, he sketches individual objects or entire scenes. His ability to reproduce things through perfect imitation in the smallest size possible is impressive in every respect. The dexterity and creativity he manages to channel into the reproduction of items like the side mirror or the windshield wipers of a Subaru (on its own or in different weather conditions) are remarkable.With this extraordinary artistry, Raphael Truffi Bortholuzzi is a Voice of Art for us. His impressive pictures let us participate in his creative process as much as in his finished work. The difference between reality and his realistic, artificially-created environments is vanishingly small, even if one takes a close look. Only by direct comparison to real-size objects can the miniature representations of Raphael Truffi Bortholuzzi be recognized as such.


The Voice: the miniature forms and scenes created by Raphael Truffi Bortholuzzi encapsulate such realism and such great attention to detail that one can hardly recognize the difference between them and reality.


 b2zone magazine edition 21 Raphael Truffi Bortholuzzi Voice of Art

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The Voice of Art exemplary Jim Hughes


Jim Hughes is one of the most outstanding bone and antler carvers worldwide and we’ve been great fans since we’ve known him. As a passionate perfectionist who creates filigree wonders with his bare hands, Jim Hughes’ repertoire ranges from delicate-looking feathers to marine animals with elements of their natural environment. It is simply overwhelming. Each of his works is a masterpiece. We have selected Jim Hughes to be our Voice of Art because he succeeds in demonstrating his claim to perfection not only through his carvings but also through his exceptionally expressive photographs. Through his work, we can see Jim in his element where his creations and his story become conceivable for the viewer. His images fuel the desire to learn more about him and his art, to take part in it, to buy it. One can learn more about his artistic career in his #b2zonemagazine portrait.


The Voice: through the expressive depiction of his extraordinary carving, Jim Hughes makes his mark and brings it to the people.



Voice of Art Jim Hughes

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The Voice of Art exemplary Noemi Rafel and Fermosos Fierros


Most of us are lone fighters. Noemi Rafel and Fermosos Fierros are outstanding individual artists. Noemi creates the finest scrimshaw and engraves at the highest level. Her choice of motifs with historical references are a crowning achievement of her art. Fermosos Fierros is a master of the blades. He makes beautiful blacksmithing in the form of knives with elaborate handles. The two are a couple, not only in life, but also in art. That is a particularity. Noemi Rafel & Fermosos Fierros produce extraordinary works of art which, through the synergy of their craftsmanship, become twofold, unique pieces.


The Voice: The joint artwork by Noemi Rafel and Fermosos Fierros is perfect synergetic craftsmanship.


b2zone magazine E18 Voice of Art Noemi and Fermosos

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The Voice of Art exemplary Ann-Maree Ager


We are very pleased that leather artist Ann-Maree Ager is the Voice of Art in the 17th edition of our b2zone magazine. The Australian artist leaves an impression with her colorful leather creations as well as her motif selection. You can read in her portrait in our magazine about the journey that took her from teaching art to creating art. Ann-Maree discovered a way to transform leather into art objects. She molds leather pictures, sculptures and animals. Her colorful artwork, characterized by Australian flora and fauna, can be seen today in numerous exhibitions.



The Voice: With her enthusiasm for material experimentation Ann-Maree creates extraordinary art objects with colorful motifs.



b2zone magazine the voice ann maree ager E17

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The Voice of Art exemplary Akie Nakata


We had the honor to get to know and appreciate outstanding artist Akie Nakata through her cover story in our b2zone magazine. It is now a pleasure to have her represent our Voice of Art in our latest issue. Akie’s artistic approach and skills are impressive. She is convinced that every single stone she finds contains an animal motif within and takes it as her duty to bring it out visually. Oftentimes, working on very small surfaces and levels, she manages to place a deceptively realistic animal on her stones. The eye is convinced of having caught sight of a real owl, salamander, koala bear, a lion or a snake. Every observer is captivated by her superb artistic precision.



The Voice: Akie has an extraordinary ability to recognize forms, bring them to life in a deceptively realistic way and transport them directly into the heart of the viewer.


 Akie wrote: I want to paint the life, the living spirit of the being I feel inside the stone. This stone measures only W35 x D20 x H20 mm.

b2zone magazine voice of art Akie Nakata Owl

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The Voice of Art exemplary Juergen Volbach


Jürgen Volbach stands out with work that has won more than a few international prizes. If you take some time to read his biography in Cover Story Edition 14 you will likely be amazed by the variety of his skills: engraver, goldsmith, draftsman, leather artist and passionate experimenter of different craftmanships and their techniques. His life has always been dedicated to art. An impressive level of perfection is to be found in all his work. The accuracy of an engraver and goldsmith, the eye of a draftsman and the delicacy of a leathermaster are embodied in his creations.



The Voice: Jürgen Volbach breathes perfection in an impressive array of craftsmanships



Jürgen Volbach

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The Voice of Art exemplary Froggies Unique Glass Beads


We are enthusiastic Froggies fans at least since their cover story and featuring in the b2zone Magazine. Each piece of work has a captivating effect. These colorful, lively and humorous creations delight their viewers no matter how old, young, big or small. All Froggies make it in their very unique way right into the hearts of people. Irrespectively of whether they are finished with tones of nail polish, end up as a pacifier or simply rest there curiously watching, those glass beads are simply adorable. Froggies creates exceptionally memorable works of art.



The Voice: Froggies creations are unique in how they bring together a loving touch with aesthetics in glass art that captivates the viewer.



Froogies glass beads voice of art


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The Voice of Art exemplary Alessandro Della Pietra


We are big fans of Alessandro (a.k.a. Al Digit) and have already given you an insight into his impressive work through our cover story, his interview and an exhibition. In this issue of the b2zone magazine we also want to give him a place in our Voice of Art for the moving composition of his pictures. Alessandro manages to give depth to a picture in an inimitable manner. The atmosphere he creates is simply special as well as his ability to draw viewers into the spell of his imagination making them experience the thrill of every new detail awaiting to be discovered. Viewers find themselves in the picture and the picture stares back at them. Who can’t listen to the flute music of the little mouse blowing into a telescope? The rocking horse is definitely rocking.



The Voice: Alessandro manages to create perceptible movements in his pictures




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The Voice of Art exemplary of Felicity Mcnamara


Aristotle coined the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This also applies to art. Works of art that reflect the particularities of a country, a culture or a subject allow artists all over the world to stand out when the sum of the individual parts are combined into one whole. This synergy between art and the immediate writing of history deserves a “Voice of Art.”

Felicity Mcnamara is a particularly striking artist due to her close connection with her surroundings. This connection to life and the world around her is clearly evident in her work. An elephant embossed as a motif for a bag reveals something about her life and her cultural realm. But she does not stop there. Felicity reinforces the motif by shaping the flap of the bag like an elephant’s ear. Thus, transforming her work into a narrative about her cultural and living space.


The Voice: Felicity Mcnamara successfully establishes that link between artists, work of art, country and culture.



Felicity Manamara Voice of Art

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Freddie Matara b2zone magazine the voice of art 1

The Voice of Art exemplary Freddie Matara


Many fantastic artists with their artwork and impressive stories are represented in our magazine. Flicking through the pages and editions one can’t help but recognize the great quality of their represented works as well as the passion of those who made them. During our daily editorial routine we constantly encounter stories and pictures that make us stop and realize there is still more to tell. These untold elements between story and picture deserve a place in our magazine, they deserve an embassy that gives them a voice: “The Voice of Art.”


While looking at Freddie’s workshop picture we saw the colors in it and we feel the harmony that arises as we observe it. When we look at his products we find the exact same harmony in them. This shows his authenticity as an artist.



The Voice: Freddie is authentic as a person and as an artist, this authenticity mirrors in the artwork he creates.



Freddie Matara b2zone magazine the voice of art 2

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