Maggy and Max in the cloud cinema


Once again wild berries don‘t fill them up. Maggy & Max lie beneath shrubberies and dwell on their thoughts. Maggy observes the clouds in the sky. How slowly they glide. How fascinating the different cloud types are. A movie theatre without buying a ticket. Max, you have to see it! Max takes his head off his paws and looks at her with intrigue. Maggy points to the sky. That cloud looks like a gooseberry. Don’t you agree? It looks more like a blowfish. Hm. What about that one? It looks like a chicken on a plate. How great would that be? Maggy’s stomach rumbles real loud. Unfortunately the cloud looks more like a raspberry on a plate. Max rests his head on his paws once more and dozes right off. Patience!


By the time we get the next chicken everything will be alright.


Stefanie Schurich Maggy and Max Edition 14

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