01.Kalani Matherne.

The artist portrait of Kalani Matherne

Wire weaving artist Kalani Matherne was born and raised in the small town Chauvin in Louisiana. She resides now in the same state in the town of Houma where she lives with her boyfriend and her porky Gizmo.

Kalani has always loved art and her artistic expression through creative writing and drawing started before she began the art of wire weaving to create jewelry. Some years ago she came across a wrapped moonstone jewelry piece which fascinated her so much that it never left her mind and drove her to delve into the intricate arts of wire weaving and wire wrapping. Kalani became a self-taught novice and she began purchasing spools of wire in October 2015 to begin the learning process.


02.Kalani Matherne.


She started working the metal into eye-pleasing objects without instruction and developed her craft step by step and simply learning by doing. In 2016 Kalani met local wire sculptor Linda McCord, who helped her with techniques and design. She also showed her wire weaving steps that Kalani had not seen before and which enabled her to widen her skillset.

Kalani loves to work with Gemstones and copper wire when designing new pieces but she also uses silver and other metals for custom jewelry. Her product palette contains gorgeous unique pendants with beautifully wrapped Gemstones, bracelets, rings and Dreamcatchers. She has a small workspace in her home. Kalani describes wire weaving as a meditative process and a space where she often gets lost in her own world.Wire workers such as Lisa-Lynn Barth, Nicole Hanna and Adam’s Handcrafted jewelry are important sources of inspiration for Kalani. The many hours she has spent learning and practicing the techniques for the craft of intricate wire work have paid off making of her a jewelry artist with a beautiful and very unique style.


03.Kalani Matherne

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