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The Cover Story of Mona Edulesco


Her style is modern impressionism and semi-abstract, sometimes harmonized with post-impressionist and expressionist influences. Her name is Mona Edulesco, a painter and architect based in Lyon, France. “Most of my oeuvre focuses on city life and urban spaces. I’ve always loved to approach my urban paintings in a myriad of ways, just like I enjoy stylizing architectural forms in various manners. This approach to art has always been a life goal for me, even a preoccupation, which has been there since my days at the school of architecture.


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The versatility of oil along with my prototypic work with palette knives allows me to play with urban forms, abstracting the city in an unconstrained manner,” Mona says. Her eyes capture reality to then twist it, softening its rough edges, breaking it down into a spectrum of color, not unlike the sunlight that has traveled through stain glass into a darker space, leaving the viewer in an alternate reality just as truthful as the original. Fascinated by the explosive textures and the intense chromatic that can be explored and reinvented by working with oil, Mona has developed a palette knife technique that confers expressiveness and an impressive three-dimensionality to her paintings.



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Such expressiveness can be seen as a form of textural impressionism created by thick layers of oil paint that achieve a vibrant movement in her works. While Mona works predominantly with oils, she also creates works in pastel, acrylic, watercolor, ink, or charcoal, and enjoys applying and developing her skills through the exploration of other subjects such as flowers, landscapes, animals, and other figures. “With regard to the creative process of my work, the main idea can be an emotional impulse, a special moment in my life, or a place that particularly touched me,” she says. Wandering from one city to the next, discovering new places and revisiting old ones, Mona expresses her emotional experiences in her paintings. Her professional training as an architect has allowed her to study cities in depth and to grasp the subject with all of its complexities.

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In her urban landscapes, she merges her architectural drawing concepts with the freedom, the strength, and the energy that palette knife painting allows into a world of tones and colorful hues. Art, since childhood, has always held a fascination for Mona. Influenced by both her parents—her mother an architect, her father a professional painter—she began formal painting and drawing lessons at a very early age. Having grown up in Bucharest, Romania, and graduated from the Fine Arts College N.Tonitza, Mona continued her studies in Architecture at the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest. She then pursued a master’s degree in urban planning in Lyon, France. “During this time, I complemented architecture with live drawing and painting. In 2011, I embraced my lifelong passion for painting and I returned to a full-time career as an artist. In the period that followed, I established a flourishing practice in the art. My works can be found in numerous private collections throughout the world, in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia.”


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