The Voice of Art exemplary Noemi Rafel and Fermosos Fierros


Most of us are lone fighters. Noemi Rafel and Fermosos Fierros are outstanding individual artists. Noemi creates the finest scrimshaw and engraves at the highest level. Her choice of motifs with historical references are a crowning achievement of her art. Fermosos Fierros is a master of the blades. He makes beautiful blacksmithing in the form of knives with elaborate handles. The two are a couple, not only in life, but also in art. That is a particularity. Noemi Rafel & Fermosos Fierros produce extraordinary works of art which, through the synergy of their craftsmanship, become twofold, unique pieces.


The Voice: The joint artwork by Noemi Rafel and Fermosos Fierros is perfect synergetic craftsmanship.


b2zone magazine E18 Voice of Art Noemi and Fermosos

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